About Us

I am a lifelong devotee of Our Lady of Velankanni, it has been my deepest honor, blessing and privilege to create the velankannishrine.in website – a comprehensive online guide to the Annai Velankanni Church Shrine and the holy town of Velankanni in Tamil Nadu.

My own journey to Velankanni shrine began as a young child, when my parents first took me to the shrine to seek the blessings of the Blessed Mother Marry. From that moment on, I have felt a profound connection to this sacred place and the miracles that have occurred within its shrine walls. The peace, the serenity, and the unwavering faith of the pilgrims who flock to Velankanni have left an indelible mark on everyone heart.

Over the years, as my devotion to Annai Velankanni has deepened, I have had the opportunity to visit the shrine countless times. Each visit has been a transformative holy experience, filled with a profound sense of spiritual renewal and an overwhelming feeling of being in the presence of the divine blessing. It is this deep reverence and love for the Annai Velankanni Church Shrine that has inspired me to create this website and blog.

My goal with Velankannishrine.in is to share the beauty, the history, and the timeless wonder of Velankanni with devotees and visitors from around the world. Whether you are planning your first pilgrimage to the shrine or are a seasoned Velankanni devotee, this website is designed to be your go to guide to everything the town has to offer and being safe at the same time.

From detailed information about the Annai Velankanni Church Shrine and its rich heritage, to practical tips on accommodations, transportation, and local attractions, we strive to provide you with the resources you need to make the most of your time in Velankanni town. Our aim is to not only deepen your connection to the Blessed Mother, but also to enhance your overall experience and appreciation of this truly remarkable place in Tamil Nadu.

As a fellow devotee, I understand the profound impact that a visit to Velankanni can have on one’s life. It is my sincere hope that through this website, I can help to share the blessings of Annai Velankanni with an ever-growing community of pilgrims and visitors, and to further the spread of her love and protection throughout the world.

May the grace and intercession of Our Lady of Velankanni be with you always.

Alston Antony (Founder, velankannishrine.in)