Velankanni Mother Mary Statue: A Symbol of Faith and Miracles

Tucked away in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu, Velankanni is a tiny township blessed with a rich history of miracles and apparitions.

The town is home to the revered Shrine of Our Lady of Velankanni, also known as the ‘Lourdes of the East,’ which draws millions of pilgrims every year.

At the heart of this shrine stands the majestic statue of Mother Mary, a symbol of faith, hope, and healing.

The Legend of Velankanni

The legend of Velankanni dates back to the mid-16th century, when a local shepherd boy was delivering milk to his master in Nagapattinam.

As he rested by a water pond, he was startled by a beautiful woman holding a child, who asked for some milk for her child.

The boy, still in awe, offered her the milk, and upon reaching his master’s home, he found that the jug was still full of fresh milk.

This miraculous event marked the beginning of a series of apparitions that would shape Velankanni’s history.

The Apparitions

The first apparition is said to have occurred in May 1570, when the same shepherd boy encountered the Virgin Mary again, this time with a crippled boy selling buttermilk.

The Virgin Mary asked for a cup of buttermilk, which she fed to her child. The boy, cured of his lameness, was instructed to visit a gentleman in Nagapattinam and ask him to build a chapel in her honor.

A small thatched chapel was built shortly thereafter, dedicated to “Our Lady of Good Health” or “Aarokia Maatha” in Tamil.

The Statue

The statue of Mother Mary beautifully represents the Virgin Mary holding the Christ Child. The eight feet high statue of Mary, made of Polymarble, is the chief object of veneration and source of solace for the pilgrims who visit the shrine.

The statue is a fine piece of artistic excellence and is considered independent and unique, reflecting the harmony of rainbow colors that adorn the shrine.


The Velankanni Mother Mary statue is a powerful symbol of faith, hope, and healing. It serves as evidence of the enduring power of miracles and the devotion of pilgrims who come from far and wide to seek the blessings of the Virgin Mary.

As we gaze upon this majestic statue, we are reminded of the transformative power of faith and the enduring legacy of Velankanni’s miraculous history.

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